Kyoto Vintage Warehouse is a small vintage kimono business based in Kyoto, Japan. Our selection showcases antique pieces mainly from 1920-40s and are hand-sewn from pure silk. The oft-misunderstood period was one of the most creative, playful and vibrant in Japanese history and each garment in our collection tells a unique story of this bygone era.

KVW's customers typically pair our kimonos with a variety of modern attire including slip dresses and jeans. Although our pieces can be worn in the traditional style, our focus lies in offering kimonos that can hold their own in a contemporary and eclectic wardrobe.

Since all our kimonos are one-of-a-kind pieces, the lineup at our online store and the lineup at each of our partner boutiques is always different. If a boutique is available near you, we encourage you to visit one to feel and try on one of our garments. If you have a kimono in mind but cannot find it either online or in our partner boutiques, we are also happy to take requests for color, motif, size, weave, etc. Please contact us via Instagram DM or by email: hello@vintage.kyoto.